Mikes GTA H4x 1.38原文件没翻译 - Gta5 - GTA5辅助

Mikes GTA H4x 1.38原文件没翻译 - Gta5 - GTA5辅助


@X1aoLin小林  ###

Teleport Options:
– Players
– Waypoint
– Objective
– Fixed Points
– last used Car
– Personal Vehicle

Player Options:
– Heal
– Suicide
– Bullet Proof
– Kill All Peds
– Wanted Level
– Ever Wanted
– Never Wanted
– Sprint Factor
– Swim Factor
– Godmode
– Super Jump
– Flaming Fists
– Off Radar
– No Ragdoll
– Seat Belt

Vehicle Options:
– Godmode
– Heal
– Destroy
– Gravity
– Acceleration
– Up Shift
– Down Shift
– Initial Force
– Line Grip
– Corner Grip
– Primary Red
– Primary Green
– Primary Blue
– Secondary Red
– Secondary Green
– Secondary Blue

Weapon Options:
– Modifiers 1
– Modifiers 2
– No Reload
– Freeze Ammu
– Explosive Ammu
– Flamming Ammu
– (Re-)Fill Ammu

Script Engine inside!
Added Scripts:
– RP
– Anti AFK
   SPOILER: How to write Scripts

F5: Show Menu
Control Menu with: UP, DOWN, ENTER and ESC, for changing Gravity Factor LEFT and RIGHT
F6: Teleport to Waypoint
F9: Save Coords to Clipboard

You can change all Settings and create other Hotkey Functions by config.xml
Modifiy the Menu by menu.xml

How to use it:
Extract all Files in a Folder.
Start it only if GTA is full loaded.
Pls give look at it 2 Seconds, click back to GTA an start to navigate the Menu.
The Menu will only displayed in Game on Window Mode.
It will close if you close GTA.

How i get Money from this?:
-Kill All Peds and they will drop a present for you

How to use RP Script:
Teleport to a place where Police can’t reach you.
Under "Special" you find some Locations.

still undetected since First Release of this Concept: 08-27-2016 (H4x 1.35 Beta)
Player Reports may Results in BAN!
You use it at your own Risk

remove this line out of menu.xml
                <!– <Entry action="toggle_mobile_radio" type="toggle">Mobile Radio</Entry> –>
i’m sry

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